We are experts at teaching young children and babies how to swim and love the water.

We have over 40 years of experience turning children into confident, efficient, and powerful swimmers. Come and experience the Dolfin Curriculum, a nurturing and positive program that kids adore!

Our Goal

To give 110% each and every day! We strive for a “two thumbs WAY UP” rating. Dolfin Swim School is operated according to the principles of integrity, honesty, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness and self-control.

Our Mission

To empower kids to grow into happy, healthy, and responsible adults through:

  • Overcoming their fears and gaining confidence in themselves and water
  • Teaching content mastery of progressive aquatic skills
  • Creating a bond of trust, love, and fun between each unique swimmer and our staff
  • Providing an environment where kids can thrive, achieve, and be recognized

Uniquely Dolfin

  1. Experts in Lifetime Water Safety

    • Owned and operated by native Dallasite Linda DeSanders, Dallas' #1 Baby Swim Safety Expert with over 40 years of baby experience
    • Two safety skills practiced in every daily swim class
    • Annual pool, lake and boating safety training
    • Annual parent training in rescue techniques and CPR
  2. World Class Swimming Educational Facility

    • Teaching the whole gamut from cherubs to champions!
    • Intimate, calm and safe environment
    • Pristine blue water, clean facility, kid-friendly
    • Keeping swimming fun for the whole family through skill level graduation and special events
  3. Positively Outrageous Service

    • Owned and operated by Texas' most credentialed infant water safety expert
    • Consistently going above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service experience every time
    • Mature, loving, and fun staff who welcome you by name with a smile
    • Individualized instruction and home work provided to continue the love of learning